Let there Be Dirt... & Go Ahead and Put Younger in there, Too.

We wish we could start our bio with something brilliant and prophetic like all the youngsters do, but Jesse was too busy to write this, so you're stuck with one of the "Dirt" guys.  

Dirt & Younger does stuff just a little different.  All these guys have been playing in bands for years, but this time, they're doing it the way they want... Like Steve said, either this is going to be good, or we're gonna hear crickets.

There are lots of bands out there doing country music.  And doing it better than we could.  You will hear the occasional country song at one of our gigs, but we are all classic rock/blues/funk guys at heart.   And more than that, we decided we didn't just want to do the "same-old-same-old" of that either.  So you're going to hear stuff you love, yes, but you're also going to hear those songs that make you go "well, I haven't heard that one in a while" or "I wonder why no one else does that one".  Richard and Jesse both have an almost encylopedic knowledge of music, which translates to, there's no way to tell what we might learn and do next.

We hope to see you at one of our shows sometime soon.  If you're tired of hearing the same stuff all the time, then we are just the ticket for you.  

Dirt & Younger - two of us are older than dirt, one is younger.

Jesse Burgener

Bass and Vocals

The "younger" in Dirt & Younger, Jesse ain't right in the head... so he fits right in.  He's been playing music ever since his daddy handed him a bass guitar... we're still not sure where the singing came from, but sometimes these things just happen. 

Jesse has one of those "oddball" senses of music... he can pull stuff straight out of nowhere and then look at you and think you are the weird one for not knowing the song...  but that's one of the hidden powers of D&Y.  It definitely adds to the diversity.  Our setlist is like no other band's, and that's largely due to Jesse's influence.

Richard Wilson

Drums and Vocals

Richard has been playing the drums since, well, forever… and believe me when I tell you, he can do stuff on a drum kit that other guys only wish they could do.  He's played just about every style of music there is, and sang most of them as well.  

Sometimes at practice, Jesse and Richard will start talking about songs to learn… and I swear sometimes they have made this stuff up…  they both are encyclopedias of music.  But they are also one of the strongest rhythm sections in a local band you'll ever hear.

Richard is ½ of the Dirt in the band… but you wouldn't know that by how he hits the skins.  He ain't movin' slow….

Steve Zimmerman

Guitar and Vocals

By far the weakest link in the band, I really do like to think of myself as the “after thought” member.  And I'm not saying that to be mean.  It's really kinda nice… I don't have to think too hard, I just try not to screw up too much, and I let Jesse and Richard carry me.  

I've been around doing this for longer than, well, dirt… which makes me the other half of Dirt.  When Richard and I talked about doing this band, we really wanted to do what we WANTED to do this time… Face it, there are a ton of country bands around, basically playing the same set list…  we really wanted something different and odd…  and we knew we were just the guys to do it.  Add one kid to push our wheelchairs on stage for each gig, and you've got Dirt & Younger.